Unleash Your Inner Performer: How to Become a Stripper

Want to quit your corporate job and strip for cash?

You’re not alone. Many aspiring strippers Brisbane wide are pining to triumph in this profession. But just because you have competition doesn’t mean you can’t succeed on your own.

Follow these tips to become one of the best strippers Brisbane has right now:

Practice dancing.

You have to, at least, know some simple but seductive dance moves. Strippers are talented and flexible dancers. Some are even professionally trained.

If you want to improve your dance skills or need a refresher course, start by watching YouTube tutorials. There are hundreds of pole dancing tutorials for starters in that site.

But if you really want to be taught in-person, invest in a pole-dancing class. Besides knowing how to pole dance, they will also teach you how to communicate using body language.

Ask the pros first before you try your own “expert-mode” routine.

Find clubs that suit you.

If you’re in Brisbane, you must search the town for viable strip clubs. Don’t just rely on their website’s information—consider reading reviews. Yelp might help.

Be considerate whenever you read bad reviews as every experience is unique. Once you find a club that interests you, visit the official website for more insights.

Also, you can join forums and stripper communities to know the best places to strip and learn more about the industry itself.

Do field trips.

If you want to, you can visit clubs and observe how things work. Notice what types of customers come in and their treatment and attitude towards the employees. Know your audience—it always pays to know who you’re entertaining.

If you like the club rules and security protocols, this might be a good workplace for you. But then again, put your mind on the money. Your earnings should suit the effort you’re putting in.

Develop a strong stomach.

There will always be impolite customers in a strip club. As a professional in this business, it’s your responsibility to toughen up.

Learn to choose your battles. If you can let it slide, then do so.

Bouncers aren’t just there for display—they’re hired to keep boisterous Millennials and perverts in their places. But you won’t last long if you let every crude remark and catcalls affect you.

Say no to drugs.

Never abuse drugs or other substances. Besides the possibility of ruining your career, they can also attract the wrong people in your life.

If you want to succeed as a stripper, don’t depend on drugs to get things done. Take care of yourself and stay healthy. The more nights you can spend working the more you will earn.

Final notes

The path to becoming a successful stripper is paved with many unexpected dilemmas. Take note of them to cope with those situations better.

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