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Unleash Your Inner Performer: How to Become a Stripper

Want to quit your corporate job and strip for cash?

You’re not alone. Many aspiring strippers Brisbane wide are pining to triumph in this profession. But just because you have competition doesn’t mean you can’t succeed on your own.

Follow these tips to become one of the best strippers Brisbane has right now:

Practice dancing.

You have to, at least, know some simple but seductive dance moves. Strippers are talented and flexible dancers. Some are even professionally trained.

If you want to improve your dance skills or need a refresher course, start by watching YouTube tutorials. There are hundreds of pole dancing tutorials for starters in that site.

But if you really want to be taught in-person, invest in a pole-dancing class. Besides knowing how to pole dance, they will also teach you how to communicate using body language.

Ask the pros first before you try your own “expert-mode” routine.

Find clubs that suit you.

If you’re in Brisbane, you must search the town for viable strip clubs. Don’t just rely on their website’s information—consider reading reviews. Yelp might help.

Be considerate whenever you read bad reviews as every experience is unique. Once you find a club that interests you, visit the official website for more insights.

Also, you can join forums and stripper communities to know the best places to strip and learn more about the industry itself.

Do field trips.

If you want to, you can visit clubs and observe how things work. Notice what types of customers come in and their treatment and attitude towards the employees. Know your audience—it always pays to know who you’re entertaining.

If you like the club rules and security protocols, this might be a good workplace for you. But then again, put your mind on the money. Your earnings should suit the effort you’re putting in.

Develop a strong stomach.

There will always be impolite customers in a strip club. As a professional in this business, it’s your responsibility to toughen up.

Learn to choose your battles. If you can let it slide, then do so.

Bouncers aren’t just there for display—they’re hired to keep boisterous Millennials and perverts in their places. But you won’t last long if you let every crude remark and catcalls affect you.

Say no to drugs.

Never abuse drugs or other substances. Besides the possibility of ruining your career, they can also attract the wrong people in your life.

If you want to succeed as a stripper, don’t depend on drugs to get things done. Take care of yourself and stay healthy. The more nights you can spend working the more you will earn.

Final notes

The path to becoming a successful stripper is paved with many unexpected dilemmas. Take note of them to cope with those situations better.

If you’re really set on becoming a stripper, you can become one of the highly-sought strippers Brisbane has right now by joining the Eye Candy team. Visit for more information.

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Quintessential Tips for Finding the Best Strip Club in Brisbane

Many people consider Brisbane as synonymous to adult entertainment for the great strip joints found within the city. Not only that, but it is also a place where you will find some of the most beautiful and hottest strippers in Australia. So, if you are planning a buck’s night, a friend’s birthday party, or a night out with your gang, this capital of Queensland is one of the best places to be.

However, finding the best strip club in Brisbane can take some effort, considering the many options you will have out there. To ensure that your choice will perfectly fit your group’s requirements, here are steps that you should take:

  • Determine your specific needs.

Before you head out with the gang, make sure you already know what you are looking for to celebrate your occasion. Are you looking for a private lounge where you can mingle with multiple ladies? Or, are you looking for a unique performance by some strippers?

  • Do some research about the services offered.

Remember that clubs offer different services, so choose accordingly. The best strip club in Brisbane should include a wide variety of services, including VIP packages, exclusive promotions, lap dances, and special shows. Aside from the services, facilities and amenities are also important for your experience. Typically, your choice should have the best for the guests.

  • Make sure the club has a good stock of liquor and beer.

In most celebrations, things get more enjoyable when there is booze. So, if you want your boys’ night out to become one you will never forget, choose a club that has all the alcoholic drinks that you could ever want.

However, it is still important to put limitations to your drinking while at the club. Any stupid act could piss off the ladies, even if done out of drunkenness. And, this would also piss off the bouncers. Plus, getting too wasted could give you a ticket to the can! So, drink responsibly.

  • Find a secure club.

A good strip club will keep your safety and privacy in check while you are celebrating your occasion. It makes sure that everything is in order to ensure you will be totally satisfied by the end of the night. So, when researching on a club, check consumer feedback and see if it values security above everything else.

By keeping these tips in mind, you and your gang will surely be on your way to the best strip club in Brisbane. Remember to always follow the rules, and you can assure yourself a great night with some of the loveliest ladies the city has in store for you.

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A Gentleman’s Guide to First Time Strip Club Goers

One advantage of being of legal age is the opportunity to experience adult entertainment without the fear of getting in trouble. However, most of those who happen to go to Brisbane strip clubs for the first time somehow gets overwhelmed by everything.

The flashing of lights, loud club music, and even the sight of naked women might send a young man into hyper mode. But you should not let this get to you.

Here are some guidelines that you must know to help you stay out of trouble and out of jail.

Basic Protocol for Tipping

You might start feeling generous around all the beautiful women and you want to simply slip in a dollar bill into a stripper’s bikini top. However, you must remember that although tipping is encouraged, touching is not.

Furthermore, tipping protocols may vary from club to club. So you must check for the rules of conduct or simply ask the staff about this. Some nightclubs would encourage stage tipping, but there are some that would rather want it after the strip show.

On the other hand, you must not only tip the strippers. Remember they are not just the ones who are doing all the work. You must also tip the waitresses, the bouncers, and even the DJ – if you love the music he’s playing.

Code of Dressing in Clubs

Dress codes in Brisbane strip clubs vary from one another. Some might be lax when it comes to how you dress, but others could refuse entry if you are not in proper clothing. So before you get into your tracksuit and slip-ons, make sure that you have asked a friend whether it is fine to wear one into a gentleman’s club.

Dealing with Physical Responses to All the Sexy Stimuli

It is your first time and you probably have never seen a room full of naked women before. Your body starts reacting and obviously it becomes hard – no pun intended – for you to stand and walk comfortably.

Here is what you need to know. Strippers and all other club employees are used to this kind of scenarios. You do not have to be ashamed. Just simply keep your hands away from where they shouldn’t be and focus on the amazing show in front of you.

Thoughts on Appropriate Behaviour

Brisbane strip clubs typically have a set of rules for patrons and first-time clients. Some are even very strict with their no-contact policy. However, if you really can’t resist the temptation, you just simply ask the stripper for permission. Who knows? She might let you touch her.

However, you must respect her right to anonymity. So you must never ask for a stripper’s name or even snap pictures of her especially while performing. Or you will be immediately tossed out of the premises without a second thought.

Coming of age is a wonderful experience. It is a celebration of your entry to adulthood and into a lot of new opportunities. And nothing can be more exciting than partying at a strip club with all your friends. So have fun but don’t forget to keep all these tips in mind.