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A Gentleman’s Guide to First Time Strip Club Goers

One advantage of being of legal age is the opportunity to experience adult entertainment without the fear of getting in trouble. However, most of those who happen to go to Brisbane strip clubs for the first time somehow gets overwhelmed by everything.

The flashing of lights, loud club music, and even the sight of naked women might send a young man into hyper mode. But you should not let this get to you.

Here are some guidelines that you must know to help you stay out of trouble and out of jail.

Basic Protocol for Tipping

You might start feeling generous around all the beautiful women and you want to simply slip in a dollar bill into a stripper’s bikini top. However, you must remember that although tipping is encouraged, touching is not.

Furthermore, tipping protocols may vary from club to club. So you must check for the rules of conduct or simply ask the staff about this. Some nightclubs would encourage stage tipping, but there are some that would rather want it after the strip show.

On the other hand, you must not only tip the strippers. Remember they are not just the ones who are doing all the work. You must also tip the waitresses, the bouncers, and even the DJ – if you love the music he’s playing.

Code of Dressing in Clubs

Dress codes in Brisbane strip clubs vary from one another. Some might be lax when it comes to how you dress, but others could refuse entry if you are not in proper clothing. So before you get into your tracksuit and slip-ons, make sure that you have asked a friend whether it is fine to wear one into a gentleman’s club.

Dealing with Physical Responses to All the Sexy Stimuli

It is your first time and you probably have never seen a room full of naked women before. Your body starts reacting and obviously it becomes hard – no pun intended – for you to stand and walk comfortably.

Here is what you need to know. Strippers and all other club employees are used to this kind of scenarios. You do not have to be ashamed. Just simply keep your hands away from where they shouldn’t be and focus on the amazing show in front of you.

Thoughts on Appropriate Behaviour

Brisbane strip clubs typically have a set of rules for patrons and first-time clients. Some are even very strict with their no-contact policy. However, if you really can’t resist the temptation, you just simply ask the stripper for permission. Who knows? She might let you touch her.

However, you must respect her right to anonymity. So you must never ask for a stripper’s name or even snap pictures of her especially while performing. Or you will be immediately tossed out of the premises without a second thought.

Coming of age is a wonderful experience. It is a celebration of your entry to adulthood and into a lot of new opportunities. And nothing can be more exciting than partying at a strip club with all your friends. So have fun but don’t forget to keep all these tips in mind.

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